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Cafe BLISS is a a non profit making social enterprise opened in 2009 for the community of Southborough and surrounding area.  It was set up by myself Elaine Lawrence after alot of consultation with the people of Southborough asking what was needed for the area, the results are are what you see today. 

We are run by volunteers of all walks of life who come to Cafe BLISS via different means.  The main aim of the cafe is to promote  to sense of community locally and give the community a voice on local issues that effect them.

As well as being just a cafe who provides healthy good food we also are a resource centre for all, having local agencies frequent regulary some even holding regular surgeries. 

Our suppliers are from the local area hense keeping the community working in partnership.  Our main aim is to put on community events with monies raised during the year ie Christmas Party for the children.